ScaleUp YEG

Thank you Paul Singh & Results Junkies' 

North American Tech Tour for visiting

us here in Edmonton, AB 

January 30 - February 1, 2019

ScaleUp YEG

Thank you Paul Singh & Results Junkies' 

North American Tech Tour for visiting

us here in Edmonton, AB 

January 30 - February 1, 2019

The purpose of this 3-day event is to strengthen the entrepreneurial community and local economy in Edmonton by providing functional expertise from top notch Silicon Valley investor Paul Singh and the Results Junkies, local investors and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to enable local businesses to grow beyond Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada and to inspire a global mindset. Over 3-days we'll talk about the challenges and opportunities for businesses from all industries to scale through sessions, one on ones with investors, networking, and connecting as a community.

Government leaders, educators, and economic development officials will also benefit from hearing about Paul’s experience and lessons learned from investing in over 2,500 companies across 50+ countries; taking his best practices and applying them to our own entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Paul Singh & Results Junkies North American Tech Tour

Paul & Results Junkies will be in Edmonton as part of ScaleUp YEG visiting with Edmonton’s entrepreneurs, investors, educational institutions, government leaders, economic development organizations, and established businesses, January 30 - February 1, 2019. 

“The real goal of the Tech Tour is to bring functional expertise and venture capital dollars to parts of North America that don’t regularly get the same amount of attention as the well-known tech hubs,” Singh said. 

ScaleUp YEG will offer support and guidance and will get deeply involved in the local business community through a multi-day series of events and programs to help you grow your business in Edmonton. The tour is intended to include public office hours, tours of incubators with local innovators, investor education, workshops, and pitch sessions. 

“This tour isn’t just for companies that want to raise VC money or tech startups trying to be the next ‘Uber for this or Uber for that’ Singh said. “We want brick and mortar businesses, too, and those who are working on their own entrepreneurial dream. It’s important to realize that technology is so interwoven into business such that every startup or entrepreneur needs to understand how to make it work for them.” 

Singh is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and Airstreamer. Previously, Singh was a managing director at 1776 and a general partner in 1776’s Seed Fund. Prior to 1776, Singh was the founder of Disruption Corporation (acquired by 1776) and general partner of Disruption’s post-seed venture capital arm, Crystal Tech Fund. Before that, Singh was an early partner at 500 Startups, an accelerator and venture firm headquartered in Silicon Valley that has invested in more than 2,500 companies across 50-plus countries. Singh has founded a few of his own startups (two successful exits and a number of failures in between) and spent some time at AOL, Carmax, PBworks, and Symantec.


For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, scale, ScaleUp YEG

Connect with high profile venture funders and business leaders who can become valuable resources for you and your company as you grow.

For Investors

Investors, education, connect

Gain insight from investors outside your region and connect with peers to inspire new investors and connect them with experienced investors.

For Community

Business community, networking, connecting

Help outside investors learn more about the Edmonton region and what unique talents, industries, and opportunities are available here.

Attendee Benefits

  • An opportunity to apply for a one hour advising session with Sales, Marketing, & Product expert Carey Houston, 321 Growth Academy (one available)*
  • An opportunity to apply for a one hour advising session, including discovery call, with Volition Advisors (three sessions available)*
  • All attendees will receive 6 months access to Pitch.Link, a $780 CAD value. Pitch.Link is a Buyer-Seller Engagement Platform, helping to qualify leads and engage to convert them to customers. 

 *321 Growth Academy & Volition Attendee Benefits will be eligible to those who purchased tickets for all 3 ScaleUp YEG events on Jan 31 & Feb 1 (Thursday morning & Friday afternoon programming + I F*cked Up Night) . Does not apply to single tickets.

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